Progress Photos

Progress Photos

Sept. 29, 2010 – Update

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Sept. 28, 2010 – Update

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Sept. 23, 2010 – Update

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Sept. 20, 2010 – Update

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Sept. 20, 2010 – Update

Cabinets being made at the shop of Crescent Cabinet Company Limited.

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Sept. 13, 2010 – Construction Progress

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Sept. 07, 2010 – Construction Progress

The mechanical and electrical rough-ins are just about completed for the house. The vapour barrier and spray insulation are done and ready for drywall. The ductwork is completed and the backframing for the ductwork was done. The front porch slabs and stairs were poured. The front roof extension is done.

The basement waterproofing completed and backfilled. The back addition is ready for siding and roofing.

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Aug 30, 2010 – Construction Progress

The back addition to the house came down on August 03. Since then the back addition flooring was raised by 6” with the walls and roof completely framed in. The interior of the house, upstairs and downstairs has been completely framed up. The rough-ins for the mechanical and electrical services on these floors will be done in the next couple of days. The insulator will be coming in later this week. We will be ready for boarding the first week of September. The existing stair was removed and replaced by a new wider stair.

The front porch area was completely demolished and excavated out. We formed, poured and stripped for the new footings and walls in this area. We are preparing to form for the new stairs and wheelchair lift pad.

We excavated out by the foundation wall driveway side last week to investigate the moisture problems. In turn we found that the roofing rain water leader was pouring water directly into the foundation wall. The leakage was stopped and the wall is being waterproofed. As well, the chimney foundation was in poor shape and we ended up forming and pouring a new foundation.

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Aug 3, 2010 – Construction Progress

Initially temporary ramps were built at the Lavery home by Kenaidan. These ramps were then transferred over to the grandparent’s home where the family is now living during their home construction.

Structured Creations has developed the working drawings for this project. With these in hand, a building permit was expedited very quickly through the City of Hamilton. Demolition of the interior of the house started the first week of August and is already completed. Framing and rough-ins are presently ongoing for the floors. A surprise donation by M.J.R. Contractors Ltd. was given to the family at the kick-off picnic on August 6th, with the offer to re-build the entire back addition to this house. Presently there is a 6” step between the original house and the new addition. What this means is a ramp would be necessary for the boys to maneuver with their wheelchairs between the two sections of the house. On August 9th, this entire back addition was removed by Priestly Demolition Inc.

Mould was found present in the basement where the parent’s future bedroom will be relocated to. The driveway will be excavated to expose the foundation walls to waterproof and backfill to solve these moisture problems. Also, the footings for the new front porch that will accommodate the wheelchair lift will be poured this week.

“The master plan for this project is to create a wheelchair accessible home for Errict and Alex right from their driveway to the interior functioning of their home. It’s about the quality of life for these children – that is the key element here,” said Lydia Ledzinsky, Project Manager, Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.

“I am truly impressed by the tremendous generosity that is found in the community for this Family. With that being said, we are still looking for donations for siding, flooring, deck, doors, windows, kitchen cabinetry and landscaping. We expect the construction schedule will take us to mid-September.”

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